Are you interested in the possibility of obtaining higher education in Ukraine? You want to become a qualified expert in medicine, engineering, computer technology, and law? In Ukraine, for you to open educational opportunities for any professions.

Consulting services for foreign students in the field of education:


– Counseling and assistance in providing information on opportunities and conditions of study in Ukraine;

– Advice on the specifics of Ukrainian educational system

– visa support;

– The organization of entry to Ukraine and Ukrainian revenues

– Consulting services for students during their stay in

– Preparation of documents for admission to the university.

Additional services:

– support during training;

– Notarization of documents;

– Translation of documents into any language;

– Apostille and legalization of documents;

– Order tickets;

– Hotel reservation;

– Meeting /seeing off at the airport;

– The acquisition and completion of a calling card.

For you, we will organize a high-quality service for a comfortable and high-quality education.