Sport Services


  • Sports Complex Chernomorets
  • Sheriff Sports Complex   We know that physical training – this is a lengthy process, which aims – to achieve a high level of preparedness athletes. This level of physical fitness must comply with the requirements of the game. We are engaged in the development of physical qualities. Practising your speed, quickness and endurance. Our coaching staff has extensive experience in the sports sector and the sphere of sports.

    In the field of sports services company “Al Basha Global” offers a wide range of services including: program development and acceptance of sports teams and delegations; sports training base for training camps of individual teams and athletes; preparation and holding of sports competitions; providing a wide range of services to participants of traditional international competitions, which take place on the territory of Ukraine, as well as the organization of leisure athletes and their families.


    We provide the following services:

    rental of sports facilities, equipment and inventory, creation of necessary conditions for training camps;
    selection of sparring partners from different team sports;
    assistance in establishing contacts with the federations, sports clubs and the directorate of sports facilities;
    reservations, organization of transfers and special food for the athletes;
    organization of cultural recreation and leisure activities;
    to provide practical assistance to participants of various international conferences, seminars and symposia in various sports.
    We work with athletes of different qualification (from amateurs to professionals), as well as different age groups.

    Qualified training in the areas of:

    – Football;

    – Basketball;

    – Handball;

    – Volleyball;

    And much more .