Odessa State Agrarian University (OGAU)

Over the years, the university has trained over 40 thousand specialists for our country and the CIS countries and far abroad. In addition, there were trained and improved their skills 30 thousand agricultural specialists, teachers colleges and universities.iW8LeBOr4sE
In accordance with the license of Ministry of Education of Ukraine, 7 faculties are trained specialists in 9 specialties: agronomy; plant protection; Land Management and Cadastre; Horticulture and Viticulture; veterinary Medicine; Zootechnics; the mechanization of agriculture; Accounting and Auditing; management of organizations. In addition, the contracts provide training for specialties such as plant breeding and seed crops; biological plant protection; Viticulture and primary processing of grapes; farming; fisheries; beekeeping; diseases of small animals; information management software in the agricultural sector ..
The University trains specialists and bachelors and masters. After post-graduate and doctoral studies under preparation of the teaching staff. Operates a specialized academic councils for doctoral and master’s theses, as well as a preparatory department, which is on it for six months, future applicants are studying subjects from which to make further exams.
The University has 5.3 thousand students. The educational process is carried out 36 departments, which employ 360 scientific and teaching staff, among them 31 – Doctors of Science, professors and 140 – candidates of sciences, associate professors.
Next to the academic work, teachers are working to develop actual problems of agricultural production and an appropriate scientific experiments.
The university created and introduced in production new varieties of grain and industrial crops and grapes, developed and improved intensive cropping technology, solved the problem of environmental protection, land management, improvement of breeding qualities of cattle, pigs and sheep. Conduct research on the major problems of mechanization of agricultural production, veterinary science and agricultural economics. Together with professors and graduate students for research work are widely involved students and professionals from production.
The University has a well-equipped academic buildings and dormitories, didactic and research farm, the largest in the south of Ukraine’s agricultural libraries, cultural centers, recreation on the Black Sea, a dining room, cupboards, a student clinic. Successfully working student government.
The results of student recruitment in recent years show a steady increase in interest of young people in higher agricultural education.