Odessa National Medical University (ONMU)

Odessa National Medical University (abbr. ONMedU) institution of higher education in Ukraine, located in the r .. Odessa. The university was founded in 1900. Odessa State Medical University and is a member of the European Association of Universities, the International Scientific Committee of UNESCO.                     1


Over the years the Odessa State Medical University has become one of the leading medical universities. He is a member of the International and the European Association of Universities. Due to this level of teaching students and training closer to the world standards. Today, the six faculties and 58 departments of the university has about 6,000 students and cadets, 1300 of them – the citizens of 52 foreign countries. Training of foreign students is carried out in Russian, Ukrainian and English. Postgraduate education receive 250 graduate students, interns, graduate and intern wedge.

The teaching staff consists of 106 professors, doctors of sciences and 410 candidates of sciences, associate professors. Among them are 20 academicians of public and specialized academies, 42 members of foreign academies, 39 honored workers of science and technology, distinguished physicians and public education workers, 10 winners of the State and other prestigious international awards.

The University has a modern material and technical base for the educational, scientific, medical and diagnostic work. This facilitates the introduction of the learning process and medical practice of the latest achievements of medical science, including endoscopic, laparoscopic, transplantologicheskih technologies, tissue therapy, genetic medicine, and others.

In recent years, developed a unique scientific and medical units of the University: its own dental clinic and a multidisciplinary university, the Research Institute of molecular genetics and cellular medicine, Institute of Clinical Biophysics.

Successfully operated by the health authorities in conjunction with medical diagnostic centers: cardiorheumatology, eye microsurgery, osteosynthesis, endoscopic and laser surgery, pediatric cardiology, toxicology and others.

Creation of the University publishing – printing complex allowed to issue four scientific journals, which are licensed HAC of Ukraine, textbooks and teaching aids, written by the scientists of the University. Textbooks series “Library of the student – physician” is published in Ukrainian, Russian and English. Over the years, publishing 170 titles have seen the light of textbooks with a circulation of 205,000 copies.

Educational work is a priority at the university. It is carried out according to curricula adapted to the Bologna system. It provides a balanced basic, special and humanitarian training of specialists at the junction of various branches of medical science. In the learning process implemented testing, credit-modular system, distance learning, independent system of peer review of students’ knowledge.


The university has 12 academic buildings with total area of ​​27700 square meters, 608 classrooms, offices and laboratories. Six dormitories population of about 3 thousand students. The book fund of the university library of 800 000 books.

Over the years the Odessa State Medical University has trained 74,000 doctors, 590 doctors and about 4 thousand candidates. Among them, 9,000 doctors and over 100 candidates of sciences are foreign nationals.