Wellness center


Grand Marine – a modern health and fitness center, located on the Black Sea coast in one of the cleanest areas of the city.

On the territory of Odessa hotels, resorts Ā«Grand MarineĀ» are 2 natural underground mineral therapeutic waters. The distinguishing feature is the presence of water in these specific biologically active substances. The water extracted from wells 210 and 380 meters.

Only in Ukraine natural silicon chloride-sodium water “Lustdorfskaya” is used for internal use. Kremnivye waters have detoxifying effect, antiseptic, have a beneficial effect on the normalization of metabolic processes in the body, improve the condition of the bone and cartilage, skin, reduces the risk of development and progression of atherosclerosis.

One of the 4 pools Grand Marine filled with natural mineral water. Swimming pool (25m) with bromine sodium chloride water of high salinity is shown in diseases of the cardiovascular system, hypertension, vascular dystonia, an atherosclerosis.

Medical Center Grand Marine equipped with the latest medical equipment, successfully applied across a broad range of therapeutic procedures unique in its kind using mineral water from sources located on the territory of Odessa hotels, as well as mud Kuyal’nitskogo estuary.

Specialists Grand Marine developed productive health programs, using innovative technologies of balneology and proven medical techniques allowing hotel guests of Odessa at the sea not only qualitatively relax, but also to effectively improve your health.

The basic principle in the organization of the medical center is a non-pharmacological approach in the rehabilitation and treatment of our patients, and it means – the maximum use of natural factors: clean, rich sea salt and iodine air, mineral water from two own sources, dirt Kuyal’nitskogo estuary, salt mines of Solotvyno, physiotherapy , massage therapy, nutritional therapy, individually tailored exercise (gymnastics, water aerobics).

The hotel – 57 rooms with beautiful views of the park area, and a restaurant with a healthy and balanced European cuisine.

Winter Garden Grand Marine with exotic plants and goldfish – the perfect place for relaxation. Established here the atmosphere helps to relax and forget about everyday problems.