The sanatorium “Odessa”


The sanatorium “Odessa” – sanatorium general takes a rest with diseases of the musculoskeletal system, the cardiovascular system, nervous system, respiratory, urological and gynecological, psoriasis is the treatment and rehabilitation of disabled spinalnikov, rehabilitation after injuries and wounds.

The sanatorium “Odessa” with the July 2014 holds reception for the rehabilitation of patients with diseases and injuries of the spinal cord and spine, disabled spinalnikov, post-stroke patients with impaired walking. In the sanatorium are treated with disabilities who are unable to move independently, especially people with disabilities 1 group, so everyone in the resort fit for service Wheelchair: ramps, adapted canteen and club, diagnostic andtreatment rooms, a hall of physiotherapy exercises, mechanotherapy cabinets, mud couches , office mud rectal tampons, bath, and other. Each patient will feel the care and attention of all staff of the sanatorium.

The sanatorium “Odessa” procedure is introduced: WAY PASSIVE underwater vertical traction of the spine using akvapoyasa.

The uniqueness of the procedure is no other way to exercise the muscles cross the muscular system of the spine, which causes weakening of the hernia. Performing “Akvapoyas” allows, in some cases, prevent a hernia operation.

Also, it is unique in terms of its combination of rarity of. The sanatorium “Odessa”, these conditions turned out to put together.

These conditions are:

1. Swimming pool depth of 2 meters.

2. Seawater, ie increased density.

3. The water temperature of 28-30 degrees C

The result of the procedure “Akvapoyas” is:

– Steady pronounced clinical effect in the treatment of diseases of the lumbosacral spine; In 94.3% of patients with chronic lumbodynia recorded a significant improvement in terms of pain, mobility and muscle strength of the spine and extremities.

– Unloading the spine and strengthen the muscles that support it; This involves all muscle groups, there is a passive stretching of the spine, it relaxes the muscles that support it are working.

– Method further strengthens the so-called muscular corset of the spine, which helps to stabilize the spine and prevents displacement of the intervertebral disc, which generally improves long-term outcomes; Also during lessons akvagimnasticheskih activated breathing and blood circulation, which helps to strengthen these systems.

Water herding weight, gives the body flexibility, strengthens muscles, but does not allow to gain muscle mass, making the contours of the body more clearly.

On the basis of sanatorium “Odessa” self-supporting works CLINIC Ozone, which is truly unique therapeutic and preventive complex, which combines the potential of health resorts and classical methods of modern medicine practices of the XXI century – ozone therapy.

IN CLINIC Ozone sanatorium “Odessa” successfully treated over 150 diseases. The useof ozone therapy allows you to cancel or substantially limit the intake of harmful for the body of chemicals.

Medical ozone has a large variety of therapeutic effects, it has antibacterial, antiviral, anti-inflammatory and immunomodulatory effects, improves the efficiency of the antioxidant defense, activates the body’s defenses, eliminates the “chronic fatigue syndrome”.

CLINIC Ozone sanatorium “Odessa” technique uses the general and local ozone therapy, both alone and in combination with sanatorium treatment and the use of any pharmaceutical drugs, in addition to anticoagulants.

High efficiency, ease of use, good tolerability, lack of side effects makes a unique method of ozone therapy and accessible to all.

The results of the use of ozone in the clinic Ozone sanatorium “Odessa” fantastic.