JV “Portovik”

Sanatorium “Portovik” – is a modern complex, while combining sleeping, medical and athletic body.
The excellent infrastructure allows to combine relaxation, therapy, sports, business meetings.
The main directions of the medical department of sanatorium “Portovik” treatment of diseases:
– Musculoskeletal system and recovery after injuries and surgeries;
– Central and peripheral nervous system;
– Cardiovascular system;
– Gastrointestinal tract;
– Respiratory system.
For the treatment of diseases of the musculoskeletal system (osteochondrosis, herniated discs, arthritis of major joints, the static deformation of the spine: scoliosis, kyphosis, impaired posture, rehabilitation after injuries) doctors JV “Portovik” offer effective methods of physiotherapy: laser therapy, hydrotherapy, interferential diadinemoterapiya, electrical, magnetic, UHF, ultrasound, electrophoresis, bioptron, thermotherapy (gryazelechenik, mineral wax), D’Arsonval.
Bath department
In this department the following baths: coniferous, sage, carbonic, sea, pearl (general and foot), with medicinal herb oils, swirl underwater massage “Jay-sha”, whirlpool, shower, circular shower and ascending shower.
In the inhaler for the treatment of respiratory diseases conducted inhalation with alcohol extracts of herbs with various medications, essential oils, alkaline inhalation.
Movement therapy is not only the traditional physical education. Specialists spend gymnastics classes for vacationers physical therapy gyms and health centers. The joint venture “Portovik” applies physiotherapy. It is a form of physical therapy, which includes tailor-made methods of therapeutic exercises with simulators, as well as articular gymnastics gidrotermoterapiya (sauna, whirlpool).
Hydrotherapy – is therapeutic procedures allowing to produce a deep cleansing the colon irrigation and various medicinal solutions.
The effects that accompany the course hydrotherapy – improve overall health, increase efficiency, normalization of sleep, feeling of lightness and normalization of the functions of internal organs, reduced weight and improved skin color or condition.
Sports unit combines swimming pool, fitness room, games room, aerobics room, tennis court, outdoor playground for beach football and handball.
The hall for team sports (handball, basketball, mini football) is equipped with the necessary equipment for competitions and training. For fans grandstand provides up to 600 seats. Living Room 1 350 m (width 25 m, length 54 m), the area of ​​the game cover (rubber) – 1250 m (width 25 m, length 50 m).
On the territory of the joint venture “Portovik” features an indoor swimming pool with ozonated water. Basin area – 300 sq m, track length – 25 m, depth – 1.5 – 2.8 m, the water temperature is 28-30 C. competitions in swimming at various levels, as well as group and personal training to teach swimming as adults and children. Pool is decorated with vibrant colors, creating a welcoming atmosphere for visitors.