Sports Complex Chernomorets


Sports complex “Chernomorets” is one of the largest and most feature-rich stadiums in Ukraine. This sports complex has a developed infrastructure of the extensive database that allows professional football clubs hold their training, training camps and international tournaments of the highest level. Also, the complex has available 4 training bases.

Training Base

– “Sports complex” Lyustdorf ”

Training base located outside the city, not far from the sea, has three standard fields with grass lawn. And the stands with 500 seats, a system of artificial lighting and placards. The four-storey residential housing construction can simultaneously accommodate more than 60 people.

In addition, the training complex has a mini-football field with artificial turf.

On the basis there is everything necessary for a complete training work the athletes an indoor 25-meter swimming pool, game and exercise rooms, saunas, comfortable room for theoretical studies, as well as a dining room. In terms of infrastructure development training complex SC “Chernomorets” is one of the best in the country.


“Training camp” Joy

From the first days of its existence, the training base in Otrada is stationed junior school “Chernomorets”, who raised a few hundred professional footballers.

Sport component of the stadium:

Three different sizes of field with artificial grass, equipped with bleachers for 200 people. tennis courts, a swimming pool, as well as classrooms, gym, shower room, dining room and hotel.


Here are the standard field with grass lawn, two areas of reduced dimensions, several residential buildings, a dining room.



Dimensions pad 45 × 28 meters. The base has also an administrative body.

The stadium is one game and one practice field.